rolekit D-Bus API v2

Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at
Thu Jul 3 07:42:57 UTC 2014

Miloslav Trma─Ź <mitr at> writes:

> For now I think we should be perfectly fine just pre-installing all
> specialized UIs by default.

Ok, sounds good.

This also means that we could start banging on the FreeIPA server role
UI right away without having to wait for rolekit to mature.

(Thinking loudly: We would bring the module machinery of Cockpit to a
point where we can have add-on RPM packages that add a button in a
specific place and one or more pages to the UI.  We would make one such
RPM that depends on freeipa-server and can run ipa-server-install in
simple ways.  As a second step, we might put some simple PackageKit
support into Cockpit to so that freeipa-server can be installed on

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