Alpha TC1: this week, folks

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Jul 4 15:39:33 UTC 2014

So, just to inject a valuable note of panic into proceedings, I thought
I'd note in case anyone's unaware that Alpha TC1 is scheduled for

My informal evaluation is that, to all intents and purposes, we do not
have a product yet. Right?

There's no server kickstart. We haven't written any of the code backing
server roles, or any of the roles. There's no fedora-release-server
package (I don't think). There's no variant build of anaconda with our
planned changes in place.

I have been rather behind on devel@ discussion and following FESCo and
stuff lately, so I may be missing some existing consideration of this
sort of thing, but it felt worth pointing out, at least. Anyone have any
thoughts on this situation? (I just checked briefly, and it looks like
as of last FESCo meeting, we're on schedule).
Adam Williamson
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