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On 07/07/2014 04:18 AM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
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>> So, just to inject a valuable note of panic into proceedings, I
>> thought I'd note in case anyone's unaware that Alpha TC1 is
>> scheduled for Tuesday.
>> My informal evaluation is that, to all intents and purposes, we
>> do not have a product yet. Right?
>> There's no server kickstart. We haven't written any of the code
>> backing server roles, or any of the roles. There's no
>> fedora-release-server package (I don't think). There's no variant
>> build of anaconda with our planned changes in place.
> For server roles code, there's FESCo exception and deadline was
> moved to Alpha freeze, instead of Changes Freeze. But if there
> still no code written, it's a bit worrying as Server WG considers
> it as blocker...

Code is in progress, Thomas Woerner and I have been hacking as fast as
we are able:

The Change Freeze is going to be tight, but we're trying hard to hit it.

>> I have been rather behind on devel@ discussion and following
>> FESCo and stuff lately, so I may be missing some existing
>> consideration of this sort of thing, but it felt worth pointing
>> out, at least. Anyone have any thoughts on this situation? (I
>> just checked briefly, and it looks like as of last FESCo meeting,
>> we're on schedule).
> There are a few options we have. a) FESCo on the last meeting
> agreed to skip Flock in case it would be needed and the first
> attempt to release fails, so we could gain some spare time here. b)
> Other would be just go with product without Roles framework or c) I
> know Server WG was pretty much against it - skip Server product for
> F21 release. If a) would not still be sufficient.

I'm going to be syncing up with Dennis Gilmore and Kevin Fenzi today
on this. For TC1, we really should be able to take mostly the
"classic" Fedora installation tree and fiddle with comps.xml to add a
couple mandatory items like Cockpit.

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