New Fedora 22 Change Proposal: Fedora Atomic

Chris Murphy lists at
Thu Jul 24 18:50:07 UTC 2014

On Jul 23, 2014, at 3:52 PM, Colin Walters <walters at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Trying to get ahead of the Change process this time =)
> I'd like to move Atomic under the Server WG as I feel it's a more
> appropriate home for Fedora 22, with the increased scope to bare metal
> installation.  (Really it crosses both as Atomic should run in all the
> clouds that mainline does, but I see Cloud as a specialization of Server
> personally)
> I started a Change page here:
> Comments (and improvements to the Change proposal) are appreciated.

Is the eventual idea that Fedora Atomic will be a separate product, or will it be a sub-product/variant of Server (or Server and Cloud) that merely differs in how it gets updated?

Where does this leave the Roller Derby project? Does it merge with Fedora Atomic, or does it go away, or does it leverage a dnf plug-in approach in contrast to an rpm-ostree approach?

Where does this leave Workstation? Its PRD lists a "Better upgrade/rollback control" requirement. And its tech spec says "gnome-software will use PackageKit with the hawkey backend". Since Server PRD and TC don't have an equivalent to this, it's curious that the one project explicitly intended to do what the Workstation PRD requires, is moving under the Server umbrella.

Chris Murphy

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