New Fedora 22 Change Proposal: Fedora Atomic

Colin Walters walters at
Thu Jul 24 19:03:03 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014, at 09:29 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:

> Hmmmm -- I'm not sure that's the way we should slice it. Not to lean too
> hard on the pets-vs-cattle analogy, but long-term, I think that's the
> better
> distinction 

In that you see Cloud as cattle and Server as pets?

> which probably includes systems running on bare metal
> under
> the "cloud" umbrella. OpenStack and possibly oVirt compute nodes tend to
> fall in the "cattle" category too, and one can easily see a server farm
> running many near-identical Atomic instances on bare metal.

Yes, though the Atomic model *does* fully support pets.

(I've had several people think atomic == stateless, and that's
definitely not the case)

> We *could* go the other way -- cloud being virt guests and server being
> bare
> metal. From the perspective of putting together the release, that does
> make
> some sense, but I think it's mostly a useful distinction from _that_
> direction, and not so useful from the user/usecase side.

There's at the moment a strong technical distinction: whether or not
cloud-init is enabled by default.

FWIW I'm fine with keeping it in Cloud as well - the main point of the
change is to increase in scope to support bare metal.

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