[Action Required] Fedora 21 Server Beta Validation

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Tue Oct 28 12:23:18 UTC 2014

As I assume everyone on this list knows by now, Beta was delayed by a
week due to several blocker bugs. (The only known blocker bug unique to
Server was an SELinux issue that has been subsequently resolved).

Part of this slippage was due to late receipt of a viable release
candidate build (we really only got it on Thursday and had very limited
time to validate and determine its suitability).

We are expecting to receive another release candidate build sometime
hopefully today, but possibly tomorrow. We are going to desperately need
to run through the release validation tests again. I did all of the
x86_64 testing myself last time around (with some help from the ARM
folks to do a basic smoke-test on that platform). I'd very much like to
parcel out the validation responsibilities for RC2 so that we can get
the coverage done quicker.

The set of validation tests that have to pass are listed here:

You can use Adam Williamson's handy-dandy relval tool[1] (release
validation, not to be confused with relative value) to submit the test

All of the x86_64 tests can be performed against virtual instances;
there are no hardware testing requirements there. The ARM tests might be
more complicated; I'm going to ask Kevin Fenzi and Paul Whalen to chime
in on how to get that set up.

Since I've already got an environment set up for Active Directory, I
will handle the Testcase_realmd_join_kickstart and
Testcase_realmd_join_kickstart tests for x86_64 as well as any of the
other tests that I can get around to (Consider only the AD tests
covered; I will be double-checking some of the more important ones).

The firewall tests are very easy, so these would be useful for a
beginner to jump into. The Cockpit tests are also pretty
straightforward, though the Cockpit realm join will require setting up
some infrastructure (such as running the "Testcase_Server_role_deploy -
Domain Controller" test first).

If you volunteer for this, please commit yourself to the time (sometime
in the 24 hours following the RC2 availability announcement) to finish
them. If after volunteering you discover that you cannot manage it,
please inform the list as soon as possible so we can find someone to
take over.

Volunteering should be done by replying to this email, keeping the
Server list in the TO: or CC: so that everyone knows what has been
claimed. I will be talking to the Badges folks about getting a badge for
assisting with Release Validation for Fedora 21.

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