rolekit D-Bus API v2

Adam Williamson adamwill at
Tue Sep 9 22:28:54 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-06-30 at 16:44 +0200, Thomas Woerner wrote:
> rolekit D-Bus API
> =================

>    deploy(a{sv})            # deploy role (i.e. running initial setup 
> post-package-install, ipa-server-install)
>                             # with the given parameters in key value 
> pairs in a dictionary, these parameters should be
>                             # saved in the role configuration setings by 
> the role after successful deployment
>    decommission()           # decommision (example: moved to another 
> machine, ipa-server-install -u ), stop if started

Bit late, but - why don't the verbs match? "undeploy" is a bit of an
awkward word, but you're more likely to guess it as the converse of
"deploy" than you are to guess "decommission". or "deploy" could be
"commission", of course.
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