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Thu Sep 11 11:58:24 UTC 2014

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On 09/10/2014 11:03 PM, Truong Anh. Tuan wrote:
> Hi friends,
> F21 is coming. As usual, Ambassadors will organize release parties
> and other events and activities and they will distribute media
> there.
> As we discussed in Technical Specs [1], Install media for Server
> would be Netinst and Local one. I think people will prefer the
> local one to distribute in such events and it is for Server product
> only, not mixed to any others (Workstation, etc.)
> Workstation user range is wider, of course but it is worth to
> distribute Server media in such those events (maybe lesser), I
> think.
> Any ideas and comments?
> Kind regards, Tuan
> [1]

couple points:

1) Yes, I think the Ambassadors should produce physical DVD media of
the Fedora Server. I agree that a smaller number of these should be
produced than Fedora Workstation until and unless we see an increased
demand for them.

2) The Ambassadors should understand the audience of the event they
are attending. For example, people attending GUADEC are far more
likely to be interested in Fedora Workstation whereas people attending
LISA would be drawn to Fedora Server. (Fedora Cloud would also have
its place at things like the OpenStack Summit, but "media" there is
probably a QRCode pointing to the various published images).

3) We need to work with Marketing to put together different materials
for each Product so that Ambassadors can have a script and reference
sheet with an appropriate focus. Materials documenting the differences
between the Products are fine, but each Product should get its own
appropriate treatment.
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