rolekit: Status update

Thomas Woerner twoerner at
Fri Sep 12 15:30:13 UTC 2014


here is a status update for rolekit.

Open for F21 beta:

- Package and group installation using yum or dnf
   (PackageKit does not have support for groups anymore for F>20)
- Systemd targets
- documentation
   - home page
   - man pages
     - rolectl
     - roled
     - rolekit.dbus
     - rolekit.roles
       - role API
       - description
       - user parameters
     - rolekit
- translations (zalada or transifex ?)
- status update for automatic wakeup (might only be solvable in roles)

Patches on review:

- property verification
- firewall handling (installFirewall, updateFirewall, uninstallFirewall)
- Support for rolectl deploy --settings-file and drop of --set x=y (also 
for redeploy)

Deferred to F>21:

- redeploy
- role update handling

If the list is not complete or wrong, please let me know.


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