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Thu Sep 25 14:14:55 UTC 2014


I'll cut to the chase. I am doing research on opensource small business
server adaptation for my University. I am using Ubuntu as of now with
software stack to have a SB infrastructure. However I recently heard that
Fedora was releasing there Alpha for Fedora Server. I have already tested
it out for myself. Is there anyway that I can somehow work with you all to
maybe have a server role for Small Businesses? Below is what I'm using for
the server.

Lightweight DE: LXDE or Xfce
Bitnami applications (DB, ownCloud, openERP, Round Cube, DNS etc.)
CUPS for print server
Ajenti for a control panel.(Was using this but since F21 is going to use
Cockpit then I maybe will switch to that)

1 or 2 concept software control panels that are in the works right now.

I have already read into your Persona's or "Target Market"(and other
documents on the Wiki) and it seems to target people with experience in
Linux / Networking stuff like that. So I know my request a little bit out
of your scope, but I figured I'd ask to see if I could get this server role
into the Alpha, Beta, or Full release.

Sorry about the long post.

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