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On 09/25/2014 10:14 AM, John Unland wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'll cut to the chase. I am doing research on opensource small
> business server adaptation for my University. I am using Ubuntu as
> of now with software stack to have a SB infrastructure. However I
> recently heard that Fedora was releasing there Alpha for Fedora
> Server. I have already tested it out for myself. Is there anyway
> that I can somehow work with you all to maybe have a server role
> for Small Businesses? Below is what I'm using for the server.
> Lightweight DE: LXDE or Xfce Bitnami applications (DB, ownCloud,
> openERP, Round Cube, DNS etc.) CUPS for print server Ajenti for a
> control panel.(Was using this but since F21 is going to use Cockpit
> then I maybe will switch to that)
> 1 or 2 concept software control panels that are in the works right
> now. (TBD)
> I have already read into your Persona's or "Target Market"(and
> other documents on the Wiki) and it seems to target people with
> experience in Linux / Networking stuff like that. So I know my
> request a little bit out of your scope, but I figured I'd ask to
> see if I could get this server role into the Alpha, Beta, or Full
> release.
> Sorry about the long post.

Hi John!

As Fedora Server is a community project driven by whoever is
interested in doing the work, certainly we'd like your help on things.

I want to clarify first that I think you have the wrong idea about
what a "Server Role" is. The idea is for a server role to be a
singular task for the server to perform. A machine may be assigned
multiple roles, but they should be managed individually.

I don't see us having a "Small Business" role, in part because that
implies many different things to many different people. Instead, we'd
be talking more about roles like "Domain Controller", "ownCloud
Services" or "OpenStack Node".

We *do* need to start talking about whether we want a graphical option
for Fedora Server 22. We expressly deferred that decision because our
initial target was focusing on headless systems.

John, would you mind running down the use-cases you have for having a
local graphical login on your servers (as opposed to remote services
like SSH or web-based configuration tools like Ajenti or Cockpit)?
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