network time default, f23

Chris Murphy lists at
Sat Aug 29 21:21:59 UTC 2015

Short version: network time is not enabled in a default installation
of Fedora 23 Server, using Fedora-Server-netinst-i386-23_Beta_TC1.iso.

- Is this intended?
- What is the user expected to do? It's not obvious.

Long version:

chrony is not installed, meanwhile it's installed and the default on
workstation. Right off the bat it's confusing that server and
workstation will use different services for time synchronization.

ntp and ntpdate are installed, but both are disabled, and I don't even
know what ntpdate is.

systemd-timedated.service is masked.
systemd-timesyncd.service is disabled.

dbus-org.freedesktop.timedate1.service is enabled, which apparently
just points to

Based on searching the journal, nothing is looking out to an ntp
server to set the date and time correctly. If I set the hardware clock
wrong (by a year) in firmware setup, it never gets corrected.

# timedatectl
      Local time: Fri 2013-08-30 23:32:34 MDT
  Universal time: Sat 2013-08-31 05:32:34 UTC
        RTC time: Sat 2013-08-31 05:32:34
       Time zone: America/Denver (MDT, -0600)
 Network time on: no
NTP synchronized: no
 RTC in local TZ: no

# systemctl enable ntpd
# systemctl start ntpd

Fixes this, but it seems like something should be enabled by default.

Chris Murphy

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