Call for Fedora 22 Test Days

Mike Ruckman roshi at
Wed Feb 4 00:13:39 UTC 2015

Another testing cycle is finally upon us, and it's about time we got
some Test Days scheduled for the F22 cycle. The Anaconda team has
already requested a test day [0] and there are several other changes
coming to F22 that could use some testing love - a full list can be
found here:

F22 also has several self-contained changes that could use some testing.
So my thought was, if there were things people would like to get tested,
but didn't think it warranted an entire day - then we could group these
together and run a test day to poke at several different things at the
same time. Thoughts on this?

For those of you not familiar with test days, a test day is an
online event aimed at testing a specific feature of an upcoming Fedora
Release. By utilizing IRC for organization/coordination and a Wiki
page for instructions and results, test days are easy to organize.
Anyone can request to host a test day or request that the QA team help
you out with the organization of the test day. A test day can be ran
for any feature or area of a distribution that focused testing would be
useful for. More information on test days can be found here: .

To propose a test day, file a ticket on the QA Trac. A full
explanation can be found here: . The SOP for
hosting a test day is here: . 

Traditionally test days have been held on Thursdays, but if you'd prefer
to have it on another day that's fine too. We're pretty flexible, but
having plenty of lead time helps to get the word out. Just put in your
ticket the date or time-frame you'd like, and we'll figure it out from

If you have any questions about test days or the process, please don't
hesitate to contact me or any other QA Team member in #fedora-qa on
Freenode or respond on the test list.

Thanks and happy testing!


// Mike
Fedora QA
freenode: roshi

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