[Help Needed] Cockpit Domain Controller or Database Server Role

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Thu Feb 12 16:05:00 UTC 2015

So, as the subject implies, I'm currently the only person known to be
working on either of these two big features for Fedora 22 Server. With
only 12 calendar days remaining until Alpha Freeze, I am going to state
unequivocally that I cannot deliver both in that time. I *should* be
able to manage one or the other, but if we want these features in F22,
someone is going to need to step up and help, please.

Barring that, I'm going to have to defer one or the other (likely the
Cockpit UI features, since they're not as far along) until Fedora 23.

== Cockpit Domain Controller ==
This is being written in JavaScript (specifically a jQuery dialect).
I've gotten some early work done on this over the weekend at DevConf,
thanks to some very patient help by the Cockpit developers there. I am
by no means well-versed in JavaScript, so it would be my preference to
have someone with some greater knowledge take this over from me. My
current WIP is pushed to https://github.com/sgallagher/cockpit/tree/dc
(branch is "dc"). It's little more than a proof-of-concept at this
point, with some basic functionality for interacting with the rolekit
D-BUS interface. Andreas Nilsson also put together some UI bits that can
be integrated, but I forget where he pushed them, so I'm CCing him for

It would be my preference that someone take over this effort from me, as
it will be the more difficult one for me to finish in the time available
given that I am learning JavaScript on the fly while working on it.

=== Remaining Work (Alpha) ===
* Finish the deployment D-BUS glue
* Merge with andreasn's UI work

=== Remaining Work (Beta) ===
* Generate links for FreeIPA UI in the Cockpit display
* Implement decommission

== Database Server Role ==
I've made some reasonable progress on this. I have a proof-of-concept
that can install the packages, do the initial setup and create a new
database with an owner account and password. The roles are written in
Python and my current WIP is pushed to
https://github.com/sgallagher/rolekit/tree/database (branch is

=== DB Remaining Work (Alpha) ===
* Deployment needs to edit postgresql.conf to add listen_addresses
* Deployment needs to edit pg_hba.conf to allow password-access
* Deployment needs to restart the service to accept the new config

=== DB Remaining Work (Beta) ===
* Deployment needs to handle multiple instances on the same machine
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