Anyone running Ceph?

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Thu Jan 15 18:10:26 UTC 2015


I¹m from PNNL and we¹ve been running ceph for between 5-7 years. We are a
RedHat shop and have used Ceph for two applications quite successfully
during that time. We run several HPC systems using CentOS/SL and capture
performance data into Ceph for permanent storage for the life of the
system. Over the last 2 years we¹ve been running a small/medium Openstack
cluster backed by Ceph as well.

As all of the usage I¹m aware of is US DOE open research, so we are
perfectly willing to have more in-depth conversation about this if anyone
is interested. However, I¹ll leave that up to the fedora list as to
whether they want to have it on the list or not.

Please feel free email me directly about this we are happy to share
whatever information people are interested in about Ceph and Openstack.

- David Brown

On 1/15/15, 7:22 AM, "Patrick McGarry" <pmcgarry at> wrote:

>Hey all,
>As the Ceph team dives deeper and deeper into the multi-headed distro
>world I'm looking to gather anecdotal evidence of what the Ceph user
>experience is like on various distros. If anyone here is running (or
>has run) Ceph on some flavor of Fedora, I'd love to hear about it.
>My hope is that we can work with the Fedora community to polish off
>any difficulties or awkwardness that may still exist. Thanks!
>Best Regards,
>Patrick McGarry
>Director Ceph Community || Red Hat
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