Hardware support on Fedora Server DVD

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On 06/12/2015 10:10 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
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>> Subject: Hardware support on Fedora Server DVD
>> So yesterday a bug[1] showed up where someone installed Fedora Server
>> on a laptop using the network install media over a WiFI connection and
>> after startup did not have the proper packages to use WiFI in the
>> installed system.
>> This was part of a conscious decision in the past that WiFI was not
>> commonly present on server hardware. That being said, do we want to
>> make it available as an optional comps group and include it on the DVD
>> media? This will likely increase the size of the DVD (though probably
>> not by much, since most of the required packages are already required
>> by Anaconda). I'm leaning towards yes, but the alternative would be to
>> somehow document the lack of WiFI out-of-the-box better.
> "Home servers" may use wifi only (I have one such machine, but I installed
> it on wired and then configured wifi).
> So I would be in favor of adding wireless drivers to the image.
> Simo.
I suggest creating a "server-wifi-support" comps group to be made 
visible/available in the extra packages spoke of anaconda. The standard 
hardware-support comp group that contains the wifi drivers for the other 
products also contain a few things we don't want/need, such as:



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