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On 02/09/2015 03:31 AM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> So, at DevConf over the weekend, I had a conversation with several
> people around the package set that we should include on the Fedora
> Server install media in Fedora 22.
> When we put together the install media for Fedora 21, we basically took
> the old Fedora 20 DVD install and stripped out some of the things we
> didn't feel were necessary for the Server. However, I suspect that we
> may have missed numerous things that are not *strictly* important for
> Server.
> In particular, the Fedora Server DVD includes the package groups for
> many of the Fedora development tools (particularly those useful for
> developing Fedora *itself*, such as the @fedora-packager group.
> I don't currently have statistics on how much space this would save on
> the installation DVD (since I would pretty much have to build one
> without these packages to verify it), but I can get an approximate idea
> of the difference by installing the minimal set of Server packages on
> one VM and a set that includes the devel packages on another.
> The result I see is:
> == Standard Server Install ==
> * 614 packages
> * 1,097 MB on the installed system
> == Server Install Plus Development Tools ==
> * 716 packages
> * 1496 MB on the installed system.
> Even if we assume a (very) generous assumption that the RPM compression
> reduces the size difference by 50%, we still see a probable savings of
> 200 MB on the install DVD.
> So, my questions to the Server SIG:
> 1) Is this savings in the DVD ISO download size sufficiently significant
> to continue this conversation?
> 2) Does anyone see any value in keeping this material *on the DVD*?
> Obviously, all of these packages will remain available to the network
> install or post-installation environments.
> For those who are interested in minutiae, I am attaching the current
> fedora-install-server.ks file that is used to generate the DVD. If you
> see anything else there that might be worth including in this
> discussion, I'm all ears.
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This is a bit late to the party, but I've been having other issues with 
email that prevented me from replying earlier. However, recently Stephen 
and I have been discussing some things on IRC that I found contained 
within the hardware-support comp group[0]. Specifically:

atmel-firmware - wireless adapter support
b43-fwcutter - wireless adapter support
b43-openfwwf - wireless adapter support
ipw2100-firmware - wireless adapter support
ipw2200-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl100-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl1000-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl105-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl135-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl2000-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl2030-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl3160-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl3945-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl4965-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl5000-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl5150-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl6000-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl6000g2a-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl6000g2b-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl6050-firmware - wireless adapter support
iwl7260-firmware - wireless adapter support
libertas-usb8388-firmware - wireless adapter support
usb_modeswitch - 3G / LTE modem support
zd1211-firmware - wireless adapter support
acpi - limited laptop information reader (no activity since 2010)
acpitool - laptop harware support
cmospwd - BIOS password recovery (dead project)
firmware-addon-dell - for older Dell desktops and workstations
gpsd - GPS adapter support
gpsd-clients - GPS adapter support
gypsy - GPS adapter support
i8kutils - for Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops
iscan-firmware - scanner support
isight-firmware-tools - scanner support
ivtv-firmware - Hauppage TV card support
libifp - iRiver MP3 device support
multican - Cannon camera support
openct - smartcard support
opensc - smartcard support
pcsc-lite - smartcard support
pcsc-lite-ccid - smartcard support

Essentially, all but 2 of the entire comp group are not applicable to 
servers. The Hardware Support comp group's description reads "This group 
is a collection of tools for various hardware specific utilities." All 
of the hardware addressed by these packages are specific to wireless, 
laptop, desktop or peripheral devices.

In my experience, servers are not equipped with wireless communications. 
The few times I have seen it even advertised was to support OOB (out of 
band) management through the ILO interface, not part of the installed 
operating system.

Servers that utilize specific peripherals should only support the 
desired peripheral, not the entire random group that pulls in more than 
is required for a server installation.

Additionally, I've filed bugs[1,2] to have fprintd-pam and 
wireless-tools moved from the Standard comps group to the Hardware 
Support group, since even on workstation installs these two packages are 
dependent on specific hardware, and shouldn't be included in the 
Standard comp group.

A possible solution that Stephen and I have worked out is to create a 
new Server Hardware Support comp group that would include more 
server-specific tools such as (but not limited to):


These are the first three that I found in my limited research, I'm sure 
there are many more that can be justified to be included as part of a 
Server Hardware Support comp group.



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