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Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Tue May 26 09:08:44 UTC 2015

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> Hi all,
> I was thinking today that for Fedora 23 it would really cool to deliver a NAS
> version of Fedora 23. I could see it being delivered in 2 formats.
> 1 an atomic based disk image. it could be preinstalled, you dd the image onto
> a disk or a usb stick plug it in and boot, you could use initial-setup to set
> a root password, set timezone etc, then use cockpit to manage and configure.
> my thought here is that you could use a mirco-atx system with 4 or 6 sata
> ports and you use all the disks for data and boot and run the system from a
> small piece of media, 16 or 32G usb stick for instance. or even a beaglebone
> black or similar arm based device with a attached usb disk

Excellent idea, I've just read a discussion about NAS on one Czech Linux web,
people looking for SW, or even small ARM based HW with enough SATA ports,
enclosure for two disks and fast Ethernet. There are commercially available
NAS devices, I'm looking for such but after reading how you have to hack it
to work as you want and the price...

What's the best ARM board you think? With SATA and fast Ethernet? Maybe some
case would be easy to design and then kickstart it (with Fedora NAS pre-
installed ;-).

> 2 as a option you can select on a regular install.
> The roles would be iscsi( or some other block device), nfs, smb/cifs. all
> managed and configured using cockpit, a user could carve up the attached
> disk,
> be able to alloacte nfs or smb/cifs or export some raw space as a block
> device, for use in vms etc.

One more role to consider - ownCloud. And maybe backup server with client
integrated into Fedora.

> I know it is a pretty rough outline but figured I would get something out and
> some discussion to see if what others thought.  I think especially the atomic
> version could be really useful. a very simple way to get some storage up and
> running and use and keep it updated. especially long term, since going from
> Fedora 23 to 24 should be a simple atomic update.

Thanks for idea, I like it! Or maybe I'm just desperate after looking for
something like this last three weeks with no answer. In the end, I just paid
€99 for DropBox - well integrated to all platforms I use (I know, slightly
different usecase but that's why I'd like to see ownCloud there - it will
work as my personal cloud remotely, locally as NAS and backup). Many of these
boxes can sync with cloud services (I tried my router's NAS features).


> Regards
> Dennis
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