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About your  secure by default  plans feel free to on that, I myself am
starting a venture to make a  cross platform laptop aiming to be  secure

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On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 2:01 PM, Major Hayden <major at> wrote:

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> Hello there,
> Stephen Gallagher reached out to me earlier today to see if I'd be
> interested in joining the server working group.  I'm really interested in
> joining (if you'll have me).
> I'm not the greatest at writing about myself, but here's what I'm
> currently doing in the land of Fedora:
>   * Member of the Fedora Security Team
>   * Maintainer of several packages
>   * Author of some Fedora Magazine posts
>   * Proponent of SELinux, defender of Dan Walsh
>   * In the process of writing documentation for systemd-networkd for
> Fedora Cloud images
> And I do a few things with Fedora, server-wise:
>   * Small home lab with 3-4 machines running KVM
>   * Two servers in a colo running some OpenStack lab stuff
>   * Running (and related services) on Fedora
>   * Running (my blog) on Fedora
>   * Built a virtualization platform at $dayjob with Fedora
> All in all, I have about 10-15 servers running Fedora at one time or
> another.  I'd like to help improve Fedora in any way I can, especially on
> servers.  Some of my ideas are around secure-by-default images and further
> improvements to make Fedora a preferred platform for the most common web
> server software packages.
> Thanks for your time and consideration.  Feel free to email me with any
> questions! :)
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