Joining the Server Working Group

Jon Stanley jonstanley at
Wed Oct 14 04:55:49 UTC 2015

Earlier today, Stephen Gallagher asked me if I'd be interested in
joining the Server WG. I'd love to if y'all will have me (you'd have
to put up with a Cardinals fan, though!)!!! I was very humbled to have
been asked.

The requisite disclaimer is that I am employed by Bank of America, and
all opinions are my own, and not those of my employer :) (you'll never
have to hear that again, promise!).

What makes me a particularly good member of the Server WG (IMHO) is
that I am primarily a consumer of downstream derivatives of Fedora
Server in my professional life. In my personal life, I'm a consumer of
both Fedora and (different) downstream derivatives, and contributor to
Fedora since 2007. I've worn many hats in that time - bug triage,
infrastructure, packaging, etc.

Why do I think that this makes me an ideal candidate for the WG?
Simple - real world experience provisioning, operating, and managing
systems at scale and what that entails. This includes everything from
installing the OS (via Kickstart or other means - rpm-ostree for
example is extremely exciting), as well as thinking about the big
picture and how it all works together - interoperability with legacy
environments as well as innovation into new spaces, for example the
brave new world of microservices, containers, and container

My major goal would be making Fedora the platform of choice for
hosting containers and containerized applications, due to the out of
the box orchestration components that we can deliver and make
seamlessly work without massive amounts of custom configuration
(unless you want to). I see this as something that a RoleKit role
could probably do.

Speaking of which, one of the things that was being worked on in
Rochester was  making it easier to add roles to RoleKit. I think that
once the foundational work is completed, we need to start adding roles
with anger, and make them useful to users (and easy to customize if
they aren't).

Another (secondary) goal for the WG would be making Fedora deployable
out of the box into existing network topologies, including those that
might require interacting with proprietary pieces (using obviously all
FOSS software on Fedora!) of infrastructure that already exist in most
enterprise environments, and making that interaction easy and as
painless as possible (AD, I'm looking at you!). Some of this has
already been done, while there might be more integration to go in
other cases.

Thanks for reading this (now I realize entirely too long)
introduction. Look forward to working with everyone!

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