Soliciting Items for Server SIG Meeting Agenda (2015-10-27)

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at
Mon Oct 26 12:33:37 UTC 2015

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OK, so it looks like the meeting was not held in my absence last week,
so we should at least cover the two agenda items we missed.

 * We have two candidates for Server WG seats, Major Hayden and Jon
Stanley. We should vote on their admission to the team. As we have two
open seats, I'm firmly +1 for both of them.

 * Server/Cloud interaction. It has been suggested that the Fedora
Server should become the "standard" Fedora image in public clouds,
replacing the old Cloud image. This is because the Cloud SIG is moving
towards focusing on Atomic, but it would be good to have something
more traditional available as well for people to play with. This
really needs an owner who isn't me...

Assuming that the WG votes in Major and Jon, I'd like to reserve some
time for them to pitch us their ideas for Fedora 24. Nothing like
fresh blood to reinvigorate us! </romanian accent>
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