Soliciting Items for Server SIG Meeting Agenda (2015-10-27)

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Mon Oct 26 17:54:48 UTC 2015

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On 10/26/2015 11:51 AM, Jon Stanley wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 8:33 AM, Stephen Gallagher
> <sgallagh at> wrote:
>> * Server/Cloud interaction. It has been suggested that the
>> Fedora Server should become the "standard" Fedora image in public
>> clouds, replacing the old Cloud image. This is because the Cloud
>> SIG is moving towards focusing on Atomic, but it would be good to
>> have something more traditional available as well for people to
>> play with. This really needs an owner who isn't me...
> This is interesting to me, but I guess we need to know what the
> Cloud Working Group thinks of this idea-  we can't really just go
> in and unilaterally say "we're now the public cloud image as
> well!". I suspect that there are some people that would think that
> the server product is too big for the cloud image, and includes too
> much.
> There's also the fact that it doesn't include enough (Kevin
> mentioned cloud-init last week). Is the proposal here to come up
> with something different for the cloud image, or to just ship the
> existing server product as AMI's, etc? Is this a replacement or
> supplement to what the existing cloud image is? Or is it just us
> taking over maintenance of the existing image?
> Just some food for thought.

Yeah, these are all excellent questions and we will want to have Cloud
WG representation at the meeting. My understanding right now is that
the Cloud SIG is planning to discontinue the traditional cloud image
in favor of focusing entirely on Fedora Atomic. It has been expressed
that it would still be beneficial for there to be some sort of Fedora
image out there and that perhaps some form of Fedora Server would fit
that bill. We need to work out what exactly that means. Jon, if you
(or anyone else) would like to own this investigation, that would be
very helpful.

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