Alternatives to cloud-init (was Re: [DISCUSS] Cloud and Server Workgroup relationship)

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Fri Oct 30 11:20:36 UTC 2015

>> On Oct 29, 2015 9:30 AM, "Josh Boyer" <jwboyer at> wrote:
>>> thinking... :)
>>> > Also, one of the CentOS GSoC projects was "Flamingo" "a lightweight
>>> > contextualization tool that aims to handle initialization of cloud
>>> > instances." [1] Maybe this is something we could look at for F24? CC'ing
>>> > Tamer Tas, the student who worked on that. (It's targeted at being a
>>> > cloud-init replacement for Atomic, so...)
>>> >
>>> > [1]
>>> That might be nice for "get rid of python" reasons.  If it had
>>> cloud-init compatibility that would be even better, since people
>>> wouldn't need to migrate their provisioning infrastructure.
>>> josh
>> CoreOS has built cloud-config as a Go implementation of cloud-init to get
>> around the python problem.
> Did they tell anyone they were doing that?  I'm curious if we have two
> groups that could be working together here that are now duplicating
> effort simply because of lack of communication.

At least mattdm knew of it because he mentioned it to me once when I
was beating my head against the wall with it.


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