Package: xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.3.0-4.2.20091204git.fc12 Tag: None Status: complete Built by: ausil

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Wed Apr 21 19:55:41 UTC 2010

Package: xorg-x11-drv-radeonhd-1.3.0-4.2.20091204git.fc12
Tag: None
Status: complete
Built by: ausil
ID: 52161
Started: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 19:39:38 UTC
Finished: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 19:54:21 UTC
* Fri Dec 04 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun at> - 1.3.0-4.2.20091204git
- Abort driver startup if kernel modesetting (KMS) is enabled
- New snapshot (upstream commit 98d1d5f68f5be3f9dc3cd4b483ca4bea708e1eb8):
  - 98d1d5f6: Blacklist: Marking 0x9710, 0x1043, 0x83A2 hotplug unusable.
  - f7aed406: conntest: Update PCI ID list.

* Thu Nov 12 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun at> - 1.3.0-3.15.20091112git
- Skipping the 1.3.0 release due to a838114e and probably other fixes.
- New snapshot (upstream commit 6387ab4c1d0ff71e556b1c96f21b4e765a6c8e5a):
  - 6387ab4c: PM: Validate known good configurations as well.
  - d6b47183: Correct copyright information.
  - d0b936db: Change wording for amount of mapped memory.
  - 5a01ea3d: DMS59: Marking 0x7183, 0x1002, 0x0D02 as such.
  - 6a2c0f04: AtomBIOS/PM: Add size checks to Voltage Info parser.
  - 2949564e: AtomBIOS/PM: Detect wrong size value in VoltageObj table.
  - fb1f84dd: DRI: Get number of pipes from DRM if possible.
  - 40fa33f0: 2D/3D: Fix Lockups on R5XX when running DRI clients with EXA/Textured Video.
  - f3df2394: Accel: Insert proper waits for 2D/3D engine idles when switching between the two contexts.
  - af5f1e1a: I2C: Fix I2C readout.
  - a76cee0a: Scaler: Add support to send TV mode the HW scaler.
  - 737f2591: Backlight: Some cosmetics to ACPI backlight support.
  - 209505b3: Backlight: ACPI backlight support for FreeBSD
  - 5cd4cca8: Monitor/Panel: Move mode line sanitization code.
  - 5092f153: Mode: Be more verbose on reporting mode rejections.
  - cee33c18: DIG: Improve code readability by using names for bits.
  - 8b89b94d: Add Fallback DAC Load Detection Method for chips >= RV620.
  - 7f896dee: Print out value of MC status register if it is busy when tested.
  - a838114e: Fix backlight readout thru AtomBIOS.
  - eef20d73: rs880: fix gart type
  - bfb6e137: configure: Remove check for GL/gl.h
  - 34d975db: Fix compilation with xf86_ansic.h
  - 42a81085: pm: Recalculate I2C clock on engine clock setting.
  - 8cbff7bf: Bump to 1.3.0. Update README.
  - bd2145d8: pm: Comment out currently unused variable.
  - 5c437ecd: README.coding: Add rhd_acpi.[ch] and atombios_rev.h
  - 0c8cc053: i2c: Hardware may need a while to indicate availability to the host
  - 57b97e0f: pm: Improve wording of lowPowerModeEngineClock logging.
  - a1cd56dd: pm: Ignore validation when setting negative engine/mem frequencies.
  - 5d5d8e3d: pm: Use minimum known working frequency instead of default/2.
  - 0a94f8eb: pm: Do NOT set idle engine clocks to default/2 unless ForceLowPowerMode is used.
  - eebdbf0a: Improve DAC load detection on RS780.
  - 422ac06b: Silence audio stream option.
  - 3cef2a65: Improve test for disabled differential clock driver.
  - 392a1392: Properites: Get HW for Backlight setting on every query.
  - f695445b: LUT: Fix syntax error in 59085c4a
  - 59085c4a: LUT: Fix RHDLUTCopyForRR() not actually modifying LUT
  - 8b3561d2: ID: Added quirk entry for HIS Excalibur Radeon XT1650 Pro IceQ 256M
  - 0a79a28c: PM: Removed unnneeded define.
  - 4758ba31: Add ACPI controlled Backlight support for Linux.
  - be7216fc: randr: Select virtual large enough for typical dual-monitor situations
  - b9648ff4: RV740: Choose shadowfb by default.
  - eb1fc6c0: Fix missing parenthesis.
  - 136dbca7: Disable DRI by default if shadowfb is explicitly selected.
  - 209aa4c7: RV740: disable DFS and Composite
  - 21f033c1: Add quirk table entry for Wyse R-Class.
  - ee508b37: Hide README, non-updates if --enable-shave

* Fri Sep 18 2009 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <hun at> - 1.2.5-3.14.20090918git
- New snapshot (upstream commit b7a50a6f00bb6d207f5240f00cf83fbbd56bbf60):
  - b7a50a6f: Fix RHDRegWrite macro invocation breakage


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