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I'm new to Fedora and new to Fedora on Sparc, though well versed with
various other distros of Linux incl. RHEL/CentOS, Debian, SUSE etc. but have
been "blessed" with a bunch of SunFire Sparc servers, on which I want to try
running Linux, after Oracle's decision to kill the OpenSolaris project and
make Solaris too expensive for mere mortals to afford/support.

I wanted to know if there is anyone running Fedora and very specifically
Fedora on Sparc in production and how stable is it to run it. I have been
running Debian on Sparc for a little while and although it was quite easy to
install and manage, there's a bunch of software that I have really struggled
to compile, build and run on it incl. several drivers etc. the binaries for
which are only available in rpm form and I've been unsuccessful in using
tools like alien to install them on Debian.

Any suggestions, advice and insights will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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