[Fedora-spins] Content for spin pages

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 18:52:02 UTC 2009

Hi Spins SIG,

As you may know from our recent threads on FAB and notes from the
Board meetings, we are revamping our spin pages on the Fedora Project
web site to provide a more pleasant and informative way for Spin
owners to reach their target audiences.

Mo Duffy has been working on new designs to give everything a clean,
Fedora-centric look and feel.  The URLs below show the most current
designs, which will feature customizable content on the per-spin
pages.  Spins will be listed at the redesigned central spins.fp.o


Each individual page would feature a large customizable content area
and could have multiple download links at the Spin owners' discretion:

  (Probably requires Inkscape to load/see this correctly)

I'm emailing the Spins SIG to ask for your help getting Spin owners
aware of the fact that we want them to start thinking about, and most
importantly *writing*, content for these individual pages that will
help explain their Spins, and the who/why/how to use them.  That
information can simply be provided on a wiki page, and then we'll link
it from the redesign pages on the wiki:


Mo is also open to constructive suggestions for the spins.fp.o and
individual spins pages.  I also hope people will feel free to visit
the special Board session this Thursday at 1630 UTC in #fedora-design.
We're going to do some final review of the initial mockups there so Mo
will be able to proceed with final mockups next week and then on to
subsequent phases including HTML coding, testing and deployment.

By the way, I would like to point out that the HTML coding effort
here, while probably not very complex, is going to be a significant
effort.  If anyone on or around the Spins SIG has time to help,
contact Ricky Zhou (ricky on IRC #fedora-websites) and let him know.
We'd be glad to have your assistance!

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