[Fedora-spins] I want to be able to remove liveuser from fedora-live-base.ks

Mads Kiilerich mads at kiilerich.com
Sun May 9 19:44:35 UTC 2010

Daniel J Walsh wrote, On 05/07/2010 02:22 PM:
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> I am building to Fedora spins,  Kiosk and MLS.  I want to use the
> fedora-desktop as the base for thise spins, but I want to manage the
> users within my own kickstart file.
> Basically this patch separates the liveuser creation into a separate
> script /etc/init.d/livesys-adduser.  It also changes livesys to execute
> this script if it exists.

Is that proper use of init.d? AFAIK that folder it is intended for sysv 
"main" scripts, not for helper scripts.

But I assume that a proper long-term solution (as long as we are using 
sysv init) is to split the huge ks-generated shell script up in several 
normal init scripts. This is a step in that direction.

However, we should probably use the canonical /etc/rc.d/init.d/ instead 
of the /etc/init.d/ symlink.

> This allows me to remove the livesys-adduser script in my kiosk.ks
> (attached). And only have the xguest user account.

It could be nice to have spins with this technology available for f13.

Perhaps kiosk.ks for f13 could inline (the modified) fedora-live-base.ks 
instead of indirectly including it. That would reduce the risk of 
applying that patch in f13 fedora-kickstarts. Alternatively it could be 
placed in the xguest package, either in docs/ or in spin-kickstarts/.


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