[Fedora-spins] Fedora Scientific: Including PiCloud?

Amit Saha droidery at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 05:42:22 UTC 2012


I am updating the kickstart file for Fedora Scientific. I am keen to
include the PiCloud client library (http://www.picloud.com/), having
been quite impressed with the ease of use. From my last check, it is
not available in the Fedora package repository, however its
installable from PyPi (using python-pip), so I do a python-pip install
in the %post part of my kickstart file.

PiCloud sources are distributed under the LGPL license - you can get
the source (only after creating a (free) account)). This is the
LICENSE file content:


Copyright (c) 2009-2011 PiCloud, Inc. All rights reserved.

All files within the PiCloud cloud client package distribution are
subject to the
GNU Lesser General Public License v 2.1,described within COPYING.LESSER,
save for the following which are covered under licenses described within
their respective files/directories:



I hope its legally OK to include this library in the spin?

Many Thanks!


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