[Fedora-suds-list] Timeout value doesn't seem to be working.

Joe Goldthwaite joe at goldthwaites.com
Fri Aug 12 22:21:15 UTC 2011


I'm trying out Suds to pull some data from a company web server.  The code
is pretty simple;

    wsdl = r'http://[wsdl address here]?wsdl'
    client = Client(wsdl)

The above works fine but only when I'm trying to get a small amount of
data.  When I try to request a larger dataset I get a timeout error.  I
tried this;

    client = Client(wsdl, timeout=500)

I think that should increase the timeout to 20 minutes but it doesn't change
it at all.  Are there any examples on how to change the timeout value
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