sponsorships update - welcome Indifex/Transifex and JBoss.org

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Fri May 7 23:32:44 UTC 2010

Just a quick update on some sponsorship related items.

Indifex (http://indifex.com) / Transifex (http://transifex.net) have
signed on as community sponsors[1].  Indifex is a company that was
created to initially develop Transifex, the web-based translation
management interface.  We use it at
http://translate.fedoraproject.org, as do many other projects
(Moblin/MeeGo, XFCE, LXDE, and so on.)  Many more projects host on
transifex.net.  The initial coding work for Transifex was done by
Dimitris Glezos as a Fedora GSoC project in 2007, further code was
developed under later GSoC projects for Fedora (with Dimitris
mentoring one), and this year Transifex has GSoC students of their
own.  The Indifex team are 2/3rds former GSoC students and now
mentors.  I'm proud they are interested in supporting Fedora Summer



JBoss.org is our other community sponsor.  In addition to growing the
breadth and depth of our ideas page, providing mentoring expertise and
access to upstream projects, there is also an FSC 2010 banner
prominently displayed on the http://jboss.org front page:


I'll work up a blog post on this subject, especially once we work out
a bit more with Indifex to make sure I'm telling the best story
here. :)

Thanks - Karsten

[1] Still working out what a community sponsor means.  It is any other
    FOSS project that lends support to our program.  For example,
    Indifex has work space in Athens, Greece they can offer to a
    student in the area, will help with advertising at local schools,
    and can offer some mentoring help (or mentoring of mentors) from
    their extensive GSoC experience.  They can potentially provide
    exposure for the program via transifex.net (as well as hosting for
    translation), just as JBoss.org has done with their
    front-and-center banner.

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