Booth setup on Tuesday

Sandro "red" Mathys red at
Thu Jun 10 06:07:30 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 3:21 AM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at> wrote:
> So I could really use a small number
> of people -- just two or three -- to help with booth setup on Tuesday
> evening.

As I said before I'll be there to help with the setup as I'll arrive
on Monday evening already.

> It would be great if one of those
> people was a Red Hat employee, which makes it easier to poke noses
> into rooms and rattle cages if needed. ;-)

Do we even have Red Hat employees on this list? :) Maybe we could get
Todd Warner involved, at least if it's still true that we'll do some
fedora/spacewalk combo :)

> Ideally these folks could do the booth setup in the afternoon, while
> there are lots of people around to find things for you and generally
> support the setup effort.

+1 for the (second half of the) afternoon :) I'll probably still have
to deal with the jetlag and will be tired in the evening.

> or I'd be happy to
> treat them to dinner. :-)

I'm never too tired for that, tho! ;)

> Just FYI, my flight doesn't leave on Friday until the evening, so I'm
> all in for the booth teardown and shipping of things after the
> event. :-)

I'm not sure yet whether I'll stay in town some more days or travel to
NYC the same afternoon/evening (and get back to Boston later in my
journey). If I'm in Boston long enough to help with the tead down,
I'll certainly do.

-- Sandro

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