Booth setup on Tuesday

Paul Frields stickster at
Thu Jun 10 11:52:48 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 2:07 AM, Sandro "red" Mathys
<red at> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 3:21 AM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at> wrote:
>> So I could really use a small number
>> of people -- just two or three -- to help with booth setup on Tuesday
>> evening.
> As I said before I'll be there to help with the setup as I'll arrive
> on Monday evening already.

That's great -- thanks Sandro. I'm betting there are one or two other
people who may be available to help.

>> It would be great if one of those
>> people was a Red Hat employee, which makes it easier to poke noses
>> into rooms and rattle cages if needed. ;-)
> Do we even have Red Hat employees on this list? :) Maybe we could get
> Todd Warner involved, at least if it's still true that we'll do some
> fedora/spacewalk combo :)

Yes, we definitely have employees on the list. Todd has a Spacewalk
table that will be located very close to the Fedora table, and Todd's
on this list too. Over the next week or two we can figure out how to
schedule the Fedora room with some demos. I'd like the Spacewalk folks
to be able to use it too.

>> Ideally these folks could do the booth setup in the afternoon, while
>> there are lots of people around to find things for you and generally
>> support the setup effort.
> +1 for the (second half of the) afternoon :) I'll probably still have
> to deal with the jetlag and will be tired in the evening.

Definitely understood!

>> or I'd be happy to
>> treat them to dinner. :-)
> I'm never too tired for that, tho! ;)
>> Just FYI, my flight doesn't leave on Friday until the evening, so I'm
>> all in for the booth teardown and shipping of things after the
>> event. :-)
> I'm not sure yet whether I'll stay in town some more days or travel to
> NYC the same afternoon/evening (and get back to Boston later in my
> journey). If I'm in Boston long enough to help with the tead down,
> I'll certainly do.

Thanks, Sandro.


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