[Test-Announce] Fedora 18 Beta to slip by two weeks, Beta release date is now Nov 27

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Wed Nov 7 21:00:03 UTC 2012

Today at FESCo meeting [1] it was decided to slip Fedora 18
Beta release by *two* weeks to give the Installer team,
the new upgrade tool and Secure Boot time to finish and 
polish these features to meet our release quality standards.

As a result, Fedora 18 Beta will be pushed out by two weeks,
the development is re-opened, with tentative Change Deadline
on Nov 13. Fedora 18 Beta release is now Nov 27. Anyone with
objections to enter Beta freeze on Nov 13 can file a ticket 
with FESCo on the Nov 12/13 and it will be discussed in the 
ticket or on special meeting.

Final Change deadline is rescheduled to Dec 18 with final
Fedora 18 release on 2013 Jan 08 [2].

The Go/No-Go meeting on Thursday, Nov 08 is cancelled.

Please, work on your blocker bugs and help testing the 
Fedora 18, so we will be able to release in the beginning 
of January.

[1] http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-11-07/fesco.2012-11-07-18.00.log.html
[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/18/Schedule


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