[Test-Announce] Late Fedora 18 Network Test Week report

Martin Holec mholec at redhat.com
Thu Jan 3 10:22:14 UTC 2013


this is quick summary of Fedora 18 Network Test Week[1].
Thanks to everybody who joined this event. Especially developers and QEs who were available during all week on IRC and were assisting users with their testing.


== Fedora 18 Network Test Week reports ==

Please developers have a look at the following bugs (if you didn't yet) as one of motivations for users to attend Test Days/Week is that found bugs will be fixed soon via updates after installation.

=== Network Manager and IPv6 ===
Red Hat BZ:
885263 NEW  - NEtworkManager - additional search domains in vpn settings misbehavior
885903 NEW  - [enh] support WPA2 Ad-Hoc hotspots (RSN-IBSS)
886071 NEW  - cannot connect to shared network via bluetooth
886078 NEW  - cannot re-enable hotspot
886107 NEW  - [RFE] There should be a list of clients when using hotspot
886236 NEW  - Real Hotspot feature not working, only ad-hoc hotspot
886935 NEW  - If rebooted with hotspot turned on the wireless interface doesn't get static IP
886939 NEW  - Wireless is not activated if hotspot turned on
886946 NEW  - iwl3945 doesn't work in hotspot mode
886953 NEW  - Unable to deactivate wired connection
887505 NEW  - Wireless Hotspot feature causes WLAN card firmware error

Gnome BZ:
311832 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - gedit scroll too fast if you try to select or move a portion of  selected text
311834 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Evolution crashes
311836 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Evolution Alarm Notify - unexpectedly quit on startup of evolution !
593815 NEW  - sharing: IPv6 connection sharing
682620 NEW  - IPv6 support (openvpn)
682622 UNCONFIRMED  - IPv6 support (vpnc)
682623 NEW  - mobile IPv6 support 
690352 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - NM isn't aware about addresses not configured by itself
690355 UNCONFIRMED  - "Options..."  button is not usable in "Mobile Broadband" when connected.
690356 UNCONFIRMED  - "Network" field is sometimes empty in "Mobile broadband"
690361 UNCONFIRMED  - ON/OFF button in Mobile Broadband is broken

311705 RESOLVED UPSTREAM - Can't create Hotspot (AP master mode) connection when adding shared
311832 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Plasma applet doesn't show IPv6 address(es), only IPv4
311834 UNCONFIRMED  - Plasma applet shows IPv4 address even after it is disabled
311836 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Mobile Broadband configuration shows "No agents were available for this request." error dialog

Other testing:
The StrongSwan Plugin for Network Manager does not appear to work for basic IKEv2 tunnels from roadwarrior to gateway (endpoint to subnet) using certificates for authentication. 

=== Network Manager and DNSSEC ===
Red Hat BZ:
887332 ASSIGNED  - Cannot access internal DNS resources - no cache: no DNS servers have been supplied via DHCP
887339 ASSIGNED  - unbound sometimes stops working after udp/53 DROP

=== Network Manager and FirewallD ===
Red Hat BZ:
886432 NEW  - ZONE_ALREADY_SET warning after changing firewall zones in NM
886459 NEW  - service firewalld restart  works but it writes 'connection != NULL' failed' into logs
886461 POST  - firewall-cmd --reload returns 1 but all seems to be working
886477 POST  - RFE: change the firewall-cmd commandline option "-v" to "-V"
886481 CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE - firewall-cmd manpage omission - EXIT CODES
886484 NEW  - RFE: please make firewall-cmd --state more verbose
886515 POST  - double rules after firewalld restart
886518 NEW  - NetworkManager - vpn connections outside any zones
886528 CLOSED NOTABUG - FirewallD starts with "ERROR: Failed to load zone file '/etc/firewalld/zones/public.xml':"
886531 NEW  - firewalld-applet does not recognize zone changing
886534 NEW  - firewall-applet did not show all active devices properly
886542 NEW  - firewall-applet not shown in gnome3 (latest update)
886551 POST  - firewalld GUI running in non X environment
886560 NEW  - system-config-printer opens firewall alter dialog in the *background*
886616 NEW  - Adjust firewall dialogue not shown when authenticated on the second attempt.
887302 NEW  - 768 MiB RAM is not enough to run KDE live
887338 NEW  - no way to undo the firewall adjustment
888190 CLOSED DUPLICATE - /var/log/firewalld contains WARNING after starting FirewallD
888242 NEW  - firewall-config UI:  same icons for different actions
888250 CLOSED NOTABUG - firewall-config prompts to authenticate again when trying to edit service entries or ICMP types

Best Regards,

Martin Holec
Desktop QE, Red Hat Brno

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