[Test-Announce] Fedora 18 testing: final night!

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Thu Jan 10 07:18:47 UTC 2013

Sorry for the earlier incomplete version of this mail, sent in error.
Damn ctrl-combinations.

Hey folks! So we are definitely on the final night of Fedora 18 testing
now (everyone, take a drink).

As it's Fedora, we came up with a fudge at the go/no-go meeting today:
we agreed we're definitely shipping either RC3 or RC4. RC3 is RC2 with
the final release notes, and RC4 is RC3 with the fprintd fix for
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=810040 . Those are the only
differences between those builds (Xfce live came out correctly sized in
RC4 and oversize in RC3, but that's just known weirdness in the compose

A final go/no-go meeting will happen today/tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 10)
to decide which one we ship. I'm not gonna hazard a guess as to what the
call will be - there are arguments on both sides - but the last thing QA
can do to provide useful data for the decision is to get as much
validation testing done on RC3 and RC4 as reasonably possible.

The matrices:




They look pretty full, but anywhere a test is marked as 'previous RC2
run' or 'previous RC3 run', it would be better to replace it with an
actual test of the build in question.

The current level of testing is enough for us to ship RC3 with
confidence at least, we decided that at today's meeting. So no-one needs
to kill themselves working too hard on this. But if you were planning to
do some QA today, that's the best QA to be doing :) Probably the more
RC4 testing we have, the more likely we are to ship it; if the RC4
testing looks a bit thin, we may wind up going with RC3 for safety. RC4
really shouldn't break, but tflink calls 'should' 'the s word'...

Thanks folks! Whichever way the decision goes, a huge thanks to everyone
who spent so much time working on the validation tests and bug
verification, this release would still be in delay hell without you all.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | identi.ca: adamwfedora

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