RHN Updates

Adrian Likins alikins at redhat.com
Mon Aug 4 01:48:51 UTC 2003

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 05:48:05PM +0100, Matthew Winter wrote:
> Hi,
> Since RedHat has now moved to a community based RHL project, in general
> this means no more support. RedHat however will not want to loose this
> revenue source, however small it might have been.
> I would like to see RedHat enhance the RHN into a subscription based
> Package Install / Update / Search system.
	Hmm, thought it already did that ;-> 
> Something cross between Synaptic, the Lindows Click2Run and the current
> RHN update facility.
/me imagines a cross between synaptic's ui and up2date ui's (leaves
a lot to be desired itself, to say the least). 

/me shudders ;->

	But I understand the goal.

> to guarentee that packages
> have been properly compiled for a specific release of RHL, and tested.
	ah, the rub. That of course, is The Hard Part. The
rest is easy. 

> I also think that the software should allow you to choose from Stable
> and Test releases. Allowing a user to decide what they want to install.
> Having such a tool would improve the value of the RHN, and provide
> RedHat and the community with a means to test packages before the next
> Beta ISO is released.
	I would tend to agree. 


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