APT, Yum and Red Carpet

James Olin Oden joden at malachi.lee.k12.nc.us
Tue Aug 12 14:10:27 UTC 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Jos Vos wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 08:36:34AM -0400, Hans Deragon wrote:
> > IMHO, we should stick with one upgrade system only.  Lets take the best 
> > and support it.  The last thing I want is a community with full of 
> > repositories, half apt and half yum.  Its time to make a standard for 
> > package distribution within Red Hat and we should use one system wisely. 
> >   I do not care which one it is, as long as it is the best.
> Well, if life was that easy... then we just could choose "the best"
> of everything.  But that's not the reality.  There are advantages
> and disadvantages, different tastes, etc.
> > It would be very couterproductive for my grandma to have to use apt for 
> > installing one appl, and yum for installing another.  Imagine that she 
> > has to first browse the list of apps available through apt, do not find 
> > the software and then browse through the list of apps on yum.  Not very 
> > intuitive.  Not the way to go.  This is one case where competition is 
> > not welcomed, but a standard is.
> Expect for that fact that a repository could easily support both APT
> and Yum (both are just a set of additional files on the webserver),
> I would not want my grandma to install software of any repository ;-).
Once a common metadata format is decided upon this will be even more easy,
as the repositories will store one metadata format, and all the same


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