APT, Yum and Red Carpet

Stephan Schutter rhl at farorbit.com
Tue Aug 12 21:33:58 UTC 2003

Well, I disagree... for the 90% there is RHL 9.0 etc. and for 10% there 
is the enterprise solution. In an enterprise allmost all the cost is 
project related and management related; perhaps less than 10% is related 
to hardwre and software. A couple of k's is nothing to a multi milion 
dollar project. I work for a large corp. and there are no projects smaller 
than several milion dollars. What does matter in my environment is the 
promises (read support) that comes with the vendor of the software. 

Please keep in mind that small businesses need to see an easy migration 
path from MS Small Business Server 2000/2003 (SQL, Exchange, Backoffice 
etc.) and they care not much for CLI or scriptability. To them 
manageability = a GUI way to do stuff. CLI and Scripting = expensive 

The exact oposite is true of my world. 

RedHat provides 2 lines of product for this reason. They both have their 
short comings, but show a lot of promise... not enough GUI on one hand and 
dificult to integrate with the existing Win32 env. and AD on the other. 

 On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Jesse Keating wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 August 2003 10:10, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Over 90% of companies are *small business*. Most of them either use
> > consultants or have relatively lightly trained staff for whom making
> > the computers work is often just part of their job and in many cases
> > not part of any official job description at all.
> Funny to hear this from an @redhat person, especially when almost all of 
> these *small businesses* will be unable to afford RHEL products and 
> will be forced to look elsewhere for their Linux fix.
> Seems that the focus of Red Hat is getting blurred again.  Are you 
> focusing on providing a product for the big businesses, or for the 
> general masses?  Can't really please both IMHO.

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