mouse problems

Alexander Volovics awol at
Wed Aug 13 09:53:36 UTC 2003

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 09:35:24AM +0100, Mike Martin wrote:
> /etc/X11/XF86Config
> in the mouse section
> Section "InputDevice"
> Identifier  "Mouse0"
> and put 
> Option Resolution "3" 
> somewhere here

Mike, thanks for replying.

I must have been prostrated by the heat yesterday.
Today I got up at five to do some work and immediately saw where it
should be put and how it should be formulated.

After looking up the exact meaning and the possible values I have been
experimenting with different values but this option does not seem to solve
the problem. The mouse response remains 'jerky' or 'wooden'.

(The jerkiness is very slight but it is clearly demonstrated when trying
 to play shishen-po or mahjongg very quickly).

I have never had this problem before using previous versions of RH on
the i8100 and also never had to adjust anything to get the usb mouse
working smoothly so I suspect it must be severn related
(driver, usb, kde,...?)

By the way, in case anybody else needs it, the option is:
Option    "Resolution" "n"


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