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Mon Aug 18 15:59:46 UTC 2003


I certainly agree that Redhat shouldn't be held responsible other
company's packages, but to say they "shouldn't worry" about Ximian ends up
amounting to saying they "shouldn't worry" about their customers.

I mentioned it not to be argumentative, but because it has been a real
problem in the past for quite a few people, and I wasn't sure how many on
this list (or more importantly, within redhat) were aware of it.
Obviously it's a known issue, since it is mentioned in the RHL release
notes.  On the other hand, as mentioned by someone else before in this
thread, the problem isn't really unique to Ximian, and isn't only Redhat's
problem to deal with.

 -- noah silva

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, Thiago Vinhas de Moraes wrote:

> I don´t think that RedHat should worry about Ximian. RedHat cannot be
> responsible for other company´s packages.
> Regards,
> Thiago
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> > More than OOo 1.1 I am interested in seeing the Ximian-ized OOo (except
> > _please_ change the default back to .sxw and not .doc!!).
> >
> > It's also a bit convenient having every release of redhat require me to
> > uninstall ximian packages.  I think at this point, redhat should assume
> > that a large percentage of users use ximian, and allow to upgrade from
> > their packages.
> >
> >  -- noah silva
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