RawHide Bluecurve theme problem: More Info

Garrett LeSage garrett at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 19:00:28 UTC 2003

Noah Silva [Mailing list] wrote:

>top_height-1 seems to work well on my system.  I will use it this way for
>a while, and see if I run into anything odd.


Hmm... that's a bit odd.  The -2 is for one pixel on the top and one on 
the bottom.  With a -1, it's just compensating for the top (it is 
positioned one down already), and then it gets overlaid with the line on 
the bottom.  That area would get drawn over twice, but if it fixes 
things for you, there shouldn't really be a noticeable effect otherwise.

I'll switch it to -1 in the theme and it should work fine for everyone.  
(If it doesn't work with the -1 for someone, I hope they'll file a bug 
so it can get fixed.)

Thanks again,

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