Minimal Install Option

Jack Aboutboul jaboutboul at
Thu Aug 21 13:58:28 UTC 2003

On Thursday, Aug 21, 2003, at 16:38 Asia/Jerusalem, Jef Spaleta wrote:

> Bill Anderson wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be great if the Minimal Install option meant what it said?
>> Who seriously believe NIS belongs on a firewall?? Minimal states it is
>> for such things as firewalls
> File it as a bug! Or maybe you want to step up and be part of a
> worthwhile discussion as to re-working of the existing minimal install
> option. Since it seems its really a more a matter of how the packages
> are grouped and which groups a minimal install actually installs..its
> more a policy issue than an expert coding issue. This seems like
> something we can have a nice lovely little community discussion
> about...instead of just poking repeatedly at the anaconda maintainer to
> remove this one package here...or this one other package..or maybe add
> this one package to minimal. And its certainly a better idea to fix the
> current minimal install offering than adding another minimal minimal
> layer beyond the "broken" minimal.

It was never my (or anyone else's) intention to poke repeatedly at any 
engineer or person with regard to this. I don't know why you keep 
bringing this topic up with a negative connotation. What I did in fact 
intend to was maybe initiate some "nice lovely community discussion" 
about the packages included in the minimal install. I think there is 
room to work on it, and we can definitely have certain things removed 
from there.


The point about windows xp is very valid. I barely ever use windows but 
ive heard the same thing. In RH anyhowm, I'm sure many of us are doing 
a minimal install and then starting to remove things, right off the bat.

> I think its pretty clear there is room for volunteers on in impacting
> how the current minimal install behaves. If your serious about "fixing"
> the current minimal offering, I suggest the interested people make a
> stab at drawing up a consensus replacement package list, with some
> discussion as to why you are dropping each package.

I'm on board is anyone else interested.


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