Minimal Install Option

Chris Ricker kaboom at
Thu Aug 21 16:33:05 UTC 2003

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Bill Anderson wrote:

> Here is a short, quick list of what I see needs to be removed from an
> install "for creating small router/firewall boxes":

what your list is really pointing out is that the meaning of minimal is 
subjective. Even for a router / firewall.

Just for a few examples:

> krb5-workstation

might be good on a router -- give you secure in-band management capabilities

> wget

I definitely want this on a router

> A minimal install should provide no external services beyond SSH,
> especially when listed as a firewall/router install.

a firewall shouldn't provide any external services. manage them out-of-band

What should be a default, or even a minimal, is highly subjective. Perhaps 
what's needed is a better definition of who / what minimal is intended for, 
b/c right now it doesn't really suit anyone.


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