What is minimum RAM to install?

Stephen Smoogen smoogen at lanl.gov
Sun Aug 24 18:29:03 UTC 2003

I think that 64MB was the minimum for 9. That is doing only a text 
INSTALL. Upgrades and X take significantly more memory. For Severn, I 
dont have an idea.. my last low memory box got fried a couple of months 
ago :(.

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Janina Sajka wrote:

>Is 64mB the minimum RAM required for installation these days?
>I cannot find a reference in the Installation Guide for Shrike, so I'm
>askint on the list. I know that I failed on an old Pentium that had only
>32mb, and I couldn't think of any other reason for that failure.
>PS: I note Suse is now requiring 96mb. So, is maybe even 64 not enough
>for RH?

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