no ... *really* ... any ETA for updated beta?

Mike Chambers mike at
Thu Aug 28 02:48:24 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 19:44, Jef Spaleta wrote:
> > 
> Oh please....just stop. This beta is being handled very much like every
> previous beta..this isn't a community project yet. What we breifly saw
> at  were the very first public moves towards rhl-"the
> project." In the past...from beta to had no more information
> about what was going on than you do now. It's much better to look at how
> redhat has said so far, simple as intent for the future. How development
> in this beta is being done is very not unlike previous betas.
> Yeesh...simply abandoning the consumer version..yeah thats right...there
> is a huge fear of that happening...even with all the rawhide activity
> and the new beta update channel on rhn....yeppers everyone should really
> be afraid this time around.  Is yer manager also afraid of a large
> asteroid hitting the earth...the odds of that happening are probably
> higher....i'm sure there is an insurance company out there that will
> offer you a reasonable policy as a risk management strategy against
> world ending asteroid impact.
> When Red hat 7.3 came out....where was the promise of a next version?
> When Red Hat 8 came out.....where was the promise of a next version?
> When Red Hat 9 came out................
> If a boss or manager really wants to get down and dirty with the day to
> day...week to week....month to month happenings of the beta phase. They
> can get their arse over to an ftp mirror of rawhide and watch the daily
> additions...they can get their arse over to bugzilla and watch the bugs
> being worked on....they can get their arse on here and lurk. If simply
> knowing that a beta phase is on going, isn't enough to assuage a
> manager's fear that rhl isn't about to could that person
> ever find the courage to use any software. No vendor of consumer
> software goes out of their way to say, "yessir...we plan to definitely
> continue to make new versions of a certain product 4 years from
> every 6 months or so....garunteed"

Thanks Jeff, took the words right out of my mouth.


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