no ... *really* ... any ETA for updated beta?

HoytDuff hoyt at
Thu Aug 28 20:32:45 UTC 2003

On Thursday 28 August 2003 09:46 am, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Thus proves the rationality of the previous policy of not
> pre-announcing release dates.
> Personally, I'm not a fan of estimated release dates of anything
> at all, as they almost always are never met in the software
> industry

I agree. But there are those who must accomplish real work around the release. 
Having estimated dates is a valuable benefit in planning and I certainly 
appreciate them. However, I seem to be in the minority in realizing that they 
_are_ estimates and that Red Hat is in completely charge of when the thing is 

BTW, if it matters, a final release date for next year in mid-August would be 
great. Can I make this a feature request? 8)

Hoyt Duff

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