CD burning software

jason pearl jpearl24 at
Tue Dec 2 16:54:00 UTC 2003

how do i get ahold of the file??

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 07:03, Doug Stewart wrote:

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> jason pearl wrote:
> | what does that script do... just make iso??
> |
> It's actually really cool.  You plunk any binary or source RedHat isos
> in a directory.  It then goes through and constructs an iso image out of
> all the other isos and makes a bootable DVD iso image.  You then burn
> the iso to DVD and can then install any RedHat distro from the DVD.
> This saves 1) having to carry around 3-6 CDs and 2) swapping CDs during
> install.
> This DVD iso concept + kickstart makes unattended auto installs VERY easy

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