AMD64 Preview Release Updates

Justin M. Forbes 64bit_fedora at
Wed Dec 3 22:12:17 UTC 2003

For those of you running the AMD64 preview release, please download and
install the updated yum located at:
I will be posting updates there as they are available (with announcements
here of course). Currently there are 2 updates. 

- kernel: is just an AMD64 build of the FC1 errata kernel, please see the
  changelog posted by Dave for changes here.  One extra note, the preview
  release kernel has libata merged, the updated FC1 kernel does not, so do
  not update if you are currently dependant on it.

- yum: Yum is taken from the latest yum daily snapshot RPM.  The only
  modification here is the yum.conf.  You will need to replace your
  yum.conf with the one included in this package or add its entries.  The
  largest change here of note is that this yum actually works with AMD64.

I will post more as they are available.

Justin M. Forbes
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