What does REDHAT recomend for 3D video card?

Klaasjan Brand kjb at dds.nl
Fri Dec 12 10:19:32 UTC 2003

Stephan Schutter wrote:

>I have got the impression that RH does not respect NVidia much because
>they will not give their code away... and well... sometimes there are
>issues with the RedHat kernels and nvidia (sometimes they are compiled
>with a different compiler than the one that is distributed with the
>system?). Soooooo.... The big question: What video card am I supposed to
>use?  What DOES RedHat recommend?
Can't speak for Red Hat, but since they only support the open source DRI 
drivers I guess you should look for the best supported DRI cards. 
Currently the fastest cards supported by DRI are the lower end ATI cards 
(Radeon 9200). If you're no gamer and only use 3d ocasionally that's 
fine (I'm running a radeon 8500 without problems).


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