kernel 2.6.0-test11 custom compile weirdness

RaXeT maxer1 at
Sat Dec 13 09:56:42 UTC 2003

Something I've noticed and not sure why. When compiling a custom kernel 
the entire process works flawlessly except that after make install, all 
the driver permissions aren't properly set. I had to do chmod 744 with 
-R to get the permissions right.

Also I noticed that on arjanv's test11 that I immediately received a 
kernel panic on (0,0) for kernel-2.6.0-0.test11.1.102.i686.

Currently have a very stable NON custom kernel-2.6.0-0.test11.1.100.i686 
in operation grabbed from arjanv's site.

I'm thinking that somehow my sata drive is at issue. Issuing an lspci I 
get the following address for the Promise RAID controller:
0000:02:04.0 RAID bus controller: Promise Technology, Inc. PDC20376 (rev 

Any ideas why custom kernel building creates a non functioning, kernel 
panick for this kernel? I have built many custom kernels
and not sure what is causing this problem.

Any ideas?



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